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Sohana Hospital is one among the foremost advanced Joint Replacement centres in Chandigarh & Mohali since 1995. We offer Orthopaedic & joint replacement surgery at affordable prices. We specialize in Primary and Partial Knee Replacement, Primary Hip, Revision Joint Replacement, Arthroscopy & Key Hole Surgeries, Simple & Complex Trauma Management.

With this let’s try to understand what is knee replacement and how can it help you, in case you have begun exploring options for knee pain treatment or have already made your mind up for knee joint replacement surgery.

About Our Orthopaedic Expert

Dr. Sachdeva is the Orthopedics & Joint Replacement Surgeon &
Director - Orthopedics at Sohana Hospital. He is highly experienced in
this field and has also conducted and assisted on various surgeries,

Dr Gagandeep Singh Sachdeva


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Knee Replacement Surgery

Your knee is the largest joint in the body. Under a normal knee anatomy, all the structures work together to ensure that all complex and simple movements are carried out with absolute ease.
But under certain circumstances, even after physical therapy for knees, the ability of the knee’s components to work in complete harmony is disrupted by disease or injury resulting in pain, muscle weakness and reduce function. Our Knee Replacement Specialist Dr.Gagandeep Singh Sachdeva is one of the best knee replacement surgeons in Chandigarh & Mohali.

Sohana Hospital –
Best Knee Replacement
Centre in Chandigarh & Mohali

A knee replacement (also known as knee anthroplasty) is a surgical procedure which is done by replacing the surface of the knee joints. It is often recommended to patients nowadays by their primary care orthopaedic doctors doing knee replacement in Chandigarh after a thorough evaluation. It is only after a complete knee examination that an expert can tell if a patient needs complete or partial knee replacement surgery. Knee replacement in today’s time is one of the most successful procedures in all of medicine.

When is it Recommended ?

People who are recommended to have knee replacement surgery often show symptoms listed below :

  • Severe pain, sometimes even after getting joint pain treatment which limits activity.
  • Chronic or even moderate inflammation in or around the knee area which does not get better even after proper rest and medications.
  • Previously used treatments for relief not providing have failed or not shown desired results.

Who is a Candidate for Surgery?

Knee replacements have been successfully performed for patients belonging to all age groups. There are absolutely no age restrictions whatsoever.

Teens with juvenile arthritis are just as eligible for the surgery as the elderly with degenerative arthritis depending upon if they need a complete or partial knee replacement.

Joint Replacement & Orthopaedic Services We Offer

  • Primary / Partial Knee Replacement Surgery

    Primary Knee Replacement Surgery is a complex surgery involving resurfacing the entire knee joint. In partial knee replacement, only the affected damaged area is replaced with implants.

  • Primary Hip Replacement Surgery

    During a hip replacement surgery, a prosthesis or an implant replaces the damaged hip joint, guaranteeing painless movement post-surgery.

  • Sports Injuries Treatment

    We offer all kinds of sports injuries treatment at Sohana hospital. The injuries we treat include all sorts of repetitive motion injuries, acute sprains and strains, hip and knee injuries, injuries on the shoulder, knee or hip.

  • Ankle Replacement Surgery

    Ankle replacement at Mohali -Sohana Hospital is a surgical procedure in which motion in the ankle is retrieved by replacing the damaged joint of the ankle by prosthetic components.

  • Elbow Replacement Surgery

    Elbow replacement surgery in Chandigarh at Sohana Hospital Mohali is a complex surgery in which your surgeon replaces the damaged parts of your elbow joint with artificial components.

  • Shoulder Replacement Surgery

    Sohana Hospital has a successful number of surgeries for Shoulder Replacement in Chandigarh. In this procedure, the damaged parts of the shoulder are replaced with prosthesis. Patients then have a completely pain free movement regaining all motion back in the shoulder post-surgery.

  • Simple & Complex Trauma Management

    We have a very well equipped 24*7 trauma and emergency care assistance centre at Sohana Hospital to offer you the best services in state of trauma after any accident or injury.

  • Revision Joint Replacement

    A revision joint replacement is slightly different than total joint replacement because in this your surgeon will remove the previously placed prosthesis and replace those with new ones. Sohana Hospital guarantees you, the best joint doctor in Chandigarh for a revision joint replacement surgery.


Answer: It can take 60 to 90 minutes on an average for the procedure to complete. It may even take longer depending upon the intensity of damage.
Answer: Most people can start walking with the aid of a walker or crutches within 24 hours after surgery.
Answer: Most patients are discharged within 2-3 days post surgery.
Answer: Your orthopaedic will thoroughly examine your condition and will only recommend surgery when it is absolutely vital.